Equine artist Jody Skinner held the honour of being selected as the 2009 Calgary Stampede poster artist. She was the first female artist to be selected to create a Stampede poster. This was a true honour and career highlight for Jody as her love and support for the Calgary Stampede runs deep. It was a privilege for her to have the opportunity to capture on canvas one of the Stampede’s and world’s finest athletes.

In designing the concept of the painting, Jody and Dr. David Chalack, vice-chairman of the Calgary Stampede, decided to create a piece of art that reflects the pride, energy and vibrancy of today’s Stampede while reinforcing the community’s western heritage and values. To do so, a decision was made to celebrate the incredible beauty and athleticism of the Stampede livestock.

The artwork features the esteemed bucking horse Grated Coconut, titled July Explosion – Grated Coconut. The 1,600 pound stallion is a product of the Stampede’s Born to Buck program and is a featured star at all major rodeos across North America. Grated Coconut is a four-time Canadian champion and four-time world bareback champion.

The original oil painting was auctioned in the annual Calgary Stampede art auction for a record $105,000.